RIM Launches BlackBerry WebWorks: Open Web App Platform for BlackBerry


Today, RIM announced their next-generation web app development platform - BlackBerry WebWorks. Webworks enables web developers to construct full-featured apps for BlackBerry in HTML-5, CSS and Javascript. The system takes advantage of advanced features through APIs and services like BlackBerry Java applications do already.

Developers can utilize web development tools and platform services with a comprehensive toolset for developing rich apps that can take advantage of core BlackBerry features such as true multi-tasking, true Push technology and access to the full range of BlackBerry services. The platform will also be able to take advantage of location-based services as well as the newly-announced advertising platform.

BlackBerry developers will soon be able to quickly put together web assets into easily deployable apps that take advantage of the BlackBerry’s Super App features such as hardware functionality, Push features, location-based services, native application integration with BlackBerry services for advertising, analytics and payment services. BlackBerry WebWorks also includes updates to the web application packager, new web APIs and new BlackBerry Web Plug-Ins.

The new API functions allow for the sending of SMS messages from within the app, utilize call logs, seeing if the user is using the phone, access to missed calls and control of the playing and navigating audio files.

WebWorks include multiple entry points that give developers the ability to start their app in the background, as well as launching from any menu. Apps can continue to run in the background as well as the ability to cache web pages and content so it’s light on system memory and fast on performance.

This is great news for developing localized apps using open city data, as well as anyone wanting to develop an app based on web assets.

The BlackBerry open web platform is available within partner open source communities now from GitHub.

More information available from the press release.

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