Baseline Data Systems Announces Office Accelerator Wireless BlackBerry Sync


office accelerator

Baseline Data Systems has announced the release of Office Accelerator Wireless BlackBerry sync service. As an alternative to Google Sync, Office Accelerator’s content relationship management software offers more functionality when syncing to the desktop and outlook with the BlackBerry.

Office Accelerator solves the limitations of Google Sync by allowing for unlimited contacts and calendar events to sync. In addition to deeper sync limits, Office Accelerator also offers free phone support from trained technical pros. The Office Accelerator software ships with a full client contact manager that allows users to network their PCs without the need for an Exchange server or BES. Office Accelerator requires no cables and syncing can be done over the air wherever you have network access. Support for both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Outlook 2010 also come built-in.

With integrated CBT technology your BlackBerry data is protected from loss, theft and accidental resets. Should the worst happen, simply replace your Blackberry and re-sync. Your old BlackBerry will be locked out, and your data will be restored where you left off.

Office Accelerator provides data cleansing utilities to repair data that has been compromised by unreliable BlackBerry Sync Apps or other PC applications. Issues such as duplicate contacts can be easily fixed.

Office Accelerator costs a bit less than a dollar a day per user to run. First-time users receive a second user free for the first year. Volume discounts are available for mass installations. The service includes free upgrades, updates, tech support and help getting up and running too.

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  • Alexandercaan

    Unlimited syncing in an aftermarket application - wow this company is completely overselling. Look online - these guys write reviews about themselves and trash other companies. Scamming at its lowest form.

  • Carina

    I’ve had their software for years (since 1993), and the BlackBerry sync works pretty good. I don’t think you have anything to worry about, unless you’re a competitor?


  • James

    Yeah, I’ve had an eight user network of Office Accelerator for years. Actually, we bought it when it was Info Accelerator. FYI I give my company good praises online too, I didn’t know that was “scamming at its lowest form”? But, I actually have some Windows and PC magazines with reviews of OA, and I’m relatively certain they were not written by the software vender. I can scan some articles for anyone interested.

  • Alicia

    We have had Office Accelerator Contact Manager at the SFWMD (South Florida Managment Water District for over 20 Years. Great company. I have not tried the BlackBery Sync but I am sure it works fine.

  • Jaminman

    Office Accelerator totally rocks! I run my entire business off my BlackBerry Torch with the OA sync running in the background. My assistant updates the calendar in the Office and I get the changes immediately. I love you guys!

  • Cfurgis

    Love this product. Great Service. They really spent time getting my Office Accelerator Wireless BlackBerry sync working perfectly. I really found the contact manager that came with it to be really useful. It had some powerful macros and utilities.