Dexrex Gear Launches New ChatSync Mobile for Enterprise



Dexrex Gear, maker of IM, social media, SMS capture and archiving platforms, has taken its BlackBerry SMS archiving software for consumers and reformulated it for enterprise. This new version integrates SMS, MMS, and PIN messaging for companies operating in a BlackBerry environment.

ChatSync Mobile Enterprise provides customers with a one-stop application for the capture, storage and management of text-based communications data through all endpoints. ChatSync can operate as a stand-alone solution, or as part of a larger communications and compliance management system.

Instant messaging is a good method of communication that companies should not have to ban from operations. Dexrex Gear helps companies manage information exchanged over these channels so that companies do not have to sacrifice efficiency.

ChatSync Mobile Enterprise for BlackBerry works through a distributed application model and can be installed silently through a BlackBerry Enterprise Server, bringing value to BlackBerry servers while providing scalability for large deployments of BlackBerry devices.

For more info, visit the Dexrex Gear website.

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