Radical Draw Extends Support to Select Trackpad and Trackball Devices

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Radical Draw is a drawing app for the BlackBerry that allows you to edit your BlackBerry photos, or any other image that finds it’s way on to your device. It has been updated to support trackball and trackpad devices that have a 480×360 resolution, specifically the Bold 9650 and 9700, Curve 8900 and the Tour 9630.

This is one of the first drawing/painting apps for the Blackberry, originally only available for Storm devices; this broader compatibility will expose the application to so many more users.

Developed by Radical Photography and Graphic Arts, Radical Draw has also been updated with a few new features including:

  • A function for lines with arrow heads
  • More clip art.
  • Changed the appearance of the “pressed” buttons.
  • Added more Menu Key items
  • We now save line weight, text size, and arrow size between applications sessions.

Buy Radical Draw for $7.99 at the BlackBerryCool Store

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