CTIA 2010: AppMobi Announces Cross Platform Developer Kit for Web Developers


Creating web apps that perform and look like native apps is a hot trend right now in the industry. Joe Monastiero, VP at AppMobi, announced this morning at the iHollywood Forum, a pre-CTIA event, that their new cross-platform mobile application development framework is available for web and mobile developers to start using.

AppMobi’s Cross Platform Developer kit allows developers to use existing web development tools to create native mobile apps. With the XDK, native iPhone, iPad, and Android apps can be created with any tool that can edit web pages - such as DreamWeaver, Eclipse, or Visual Studio.

The current release does not support BlackBerry application development but Joe indicates that it is under serious short-term consideration.

Of course, any BlackBerry developer can always check out the BlackBerry WebWorks SDK.

More details from the AppMobi press release.

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