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XIMAD let us know about their free 5001 Amazing Facts app that is available free in App World. The app has some funny facts in it, including the above which reads “It is estimated that at any one time, around 0.7% of the world’s population is drunk.” Overall, 5001 Amazing Facts looks like it could be a fun little time-waster, assuming the facts are accurate. One funny review on App World reads: “I stopped after it told me that karate began in India and was developed in China. Others sounded bogus, too, but that one was glaringly bad.”

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  • JDowns

    The reviewer obviously didn’t do a simple google search. Karate DID begin in India.

  • Sdreelin

    Um actually I think Karate (under a different name) did originate in India as part of Hindu religious culture and Buddhism spread it to China. Believe it or not a lot of Chinese culture originated in India….albet a long long time ago.

  • Selene

    App - worth of being downloaded. Good pasttime for me and my friends. XIMAD, well done

  • Eericmoozlee

    Wow! So nice and funny content, just perfect for a time killer. Nothing special, but makes you really amaze…

  • Alex Kimbell

    Hi All,
    If you are looking for an app to broaden your background knowledge or impress your girlfriend, this app is definitely for you. :) )
    Love it! And here comes the most pleasant part, it’s FREE!!!

  • Albert

    Like the app for its collection of facts!Cool!

  • Mark

    You know, I like the app for its very thoroughly chosen facts, it`s so hard to find the app or resourse like that on the net!

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