Rogers BlackBerry 9700 and Curve 3G 9300 Updated with UMA Support


blackberry curve 3G

A few days ago Rogers rolled out updates for the BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300 and Bold 9700. The updates are for OS v5.0.0.846 and v5.0.0.862 respectively and they bring unlicensed mobile access (UMA) connectivity, allowing for voice over Wi-Fi calling (formerly Talkspot). You’ll have to talk to a Rogers representative but UMA is a helpful service that saves you minutes and money.

Head over to and follow the instructions.

  • Guest

    The update to the 9700 was rolled out about 3 weeks ago (I downloaded it on September 25th)… so hardly a ‘few days’ ago. Also, Rogers charges for UMA access so it will cost you more to save some money…

  • Andrew Hansen

    Not only do they charge for it - Rogers is also the only carrier in the world that blocks UMA when you are outside of Canada. They consistently find ways to screw customers time and time again. I can’t run from them any quicker than my contract running out.