BlackBerry Torch Announced in Nicaragua on Claro


claro blackberry torch ad

After posting the news that the BlackBerry Torch is coming to the Dominican Republic on Claro, we got sent word that the Torch was also announced in Nicaragua. Claro has a really solid BlackBerry portfolio and a lot of early adopters are going to want to pick one up. This Torch is going to spread to more places than the Olympic one.

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  • Morrison

    Blackberry Torch was officially released Yesterday in Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua on Claro.

  • Mnvltorres

    Once again, another country get this phone, but I would have to change networks to get it. I’d rather move to Nicaragua, then move to AT&T.

  • Someguy

    are you retarded? nicaragua is the second poorest country in the western hemisphere and you’re living in a first world country that many nicaraguans want to immigrate to.