Poll: Have You Ever Used Location to Find a Lost or Stolen Device?

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There are a few services out there that will help you find a lost or stolen device (SmrtGuard, BlackBerry Protect, BerrySnooper). The question is: how effective are these services at finding your device? If your BlackBerry is anywhere that might not have perfect reception, you’re going to have a hard time locating it. Take the above screenshot for example. This was taken with BlackBerry Protect enabled on my Torch and my device was located at the corner of York and Cumberland, not even within the red circle that BlackBerry Protect says it is. Now, if I couldn’t find my BlackBerry and I left it at a bar, I could use the service to narrow down whether my device was at said bar or if it was at my house or office. While the exact location isn’t always necessary, you have to wonder how useful this particular features really is. So we’re asking the reader, have you ever recovered a lost or stolen device with the help of a location tracking service? Hit the poll after the jump.

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