Dear BlackBerryCool: Air Canada App Advertised on Torch with No Torch Support


Dear BlackBerryCool,

Not really a tip but there’s an Air Canada ad in today’s Toronto Star with a big picture of the Torch asking you to hook up to the Air Canada App. Only problem is, at least on my Torch, is that the App isn’t available for the Torch.


Hey Mike,

Looks like you’re right. The Torch isn’t listed under their device compatibility. Also, what’s up with that Torch? It looks like a Torch that’s looking into a skinny mirror. Marketing fail.


  • David

    When I discovered this same inconsistency, I send an email to the Air Canada tech people ( through their mobile site, and got this replay, so ‘maybe’……….


    We do plan to release for the BlackBerry Torch in the future but as for an exact date it is still up in the air. You can still perform mobile check-in and some of our features from your device using our mobile site at:

    Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.


    Air Canada Customer Service Platform Team, eCommerce

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