Facebook for BlackBerry v1.9 with Friend Search Available in Beta Zone


new facebook alert

It’s sort of incredible how long it took for the Facebook app to get search functionality. One of the biggest complaints about the app was the inability to find friends or like pages, making it not a very mobile-friendly app. Today, Facebook for BlackBerry v1.9 is available in the beta zone and includes:

  • Dedicated Inbox – View your Facebook messages in one separate inbox or within your BlackBerry messages inbox. The app pre-fetches 30 of your existing messages, and will then continue to sync messages on your BlackBerry smartphone with your Facebook inbox.
  • Facebook Search – Search for individuals and pages, making it easy to find mutual friends, add friends and “like” pages. For BlackBerry 6 users, Universal Search will pull Facebook results too!
  • Enhanced Friends List and Page List – View Friends profile photos and pages in list form
  • Redesigned Navigation Bar – View your own profile and click on the Search and Message icons with the new navigation bar

You have to be a Beta Zone member to get access and there’s a limited number of spots. Find out more information at Inside BlackBerry.