Preloaded App World Tutorial Will Help Developers Sell More Apps


RIM is like any other smartphone manufacturer in that they’re constantly trying to attract more developers. These days, applications sell smartphones and the more developers you have supporting your platform the better. But what attracts developers to a smartphone? Any developer is trying to afford lunch just like the next guy, and there are a few things your average developer is looking for, including: a good marketplace to sell the app, a large user base that purchases apps, and the ability to build a brand and get some recognition for a good app.

So here is a pretty obvious suggestion that would help developers as well as users: put an App World tutorial preloaded on every BlackBerry. When you first boot up a Torch, you get a demo video showing you how to use the touchscreen. Why can’t there be a tutorial on how to discover and purchase apps? Personally, I’ve spoken to many BlackBerry owners who simply don’t know that a BlackBerry even has apps. With the App World preload, more users are going to be discovering apps, but I guarantee you that some users won’t even bother clicking the App World icon because they simply don’t understand what it is or might be worried about it costing them money. An App World tutorial would include sections such as:

What is App World and how to download it
What is an app, game, theme and wallpaper
How to install an app
What is a BlackBerry ID and how to create one
Where can I go to get more information about apps, games and themes

Apple did a great job of showing the world what is possible with apps and everyone who buys their product knows they’re getting a smartphone capable of running the latest time-waster. Perhaps RIM needs to do a better job of educating that segment of the population that is only buying a smartphone to get their email and doesn’t even know a world of apps exists.

  • Matt Munson

    More memory for applications would sell more apps. I feel constricted with my 9700. A new blackberry for 2011 NEEDS at least 2.4gb of ram.

  • Viira Dev

    Thanks for posting a great idea, kyle.

    Now, from what I heard at DevCon and WES this year, the reason why you are not and may not be seeing this for some time is actually the carriers. Remember, they are the ones who get last say on what gets pre-installed on BlackBerries. And the carriers haven’t finished their negotiations with RIM as to what they feel is a “piece of the pie” that is rightfully theirs - App World revenue - hence why many don’t even pre-load App World on new devices.

    And knowing carriers like AT&T and Rogers, do you think they would do something for the pure benefit of consumers without having the ability to extract maximum cash payout in the process? I think not!

  • Kyle McInnes

    It’s true that the carriers might stop something like this but it would be a fair compromise to include a tutorial about how to download from the carrier deck as well. You could discuss the relative advantages and everything.

    But yes, you’re right, there’s a lot of politics at hand.