Kik Messenger Announces Exponential Growth and 450K Users


Kik Messenger, a free cross-platform mobile instant messaging service, has reached 450,000 users and the growth rate has doubled. Usage has peaked yesterday at 1 million messages an hour. This is a huge amount of growth considering the app had only 30,000 users a week ago. If you’re trying to download Kik, the company wants you to know that they’ve suspended downloads temporarily so they can upgrade servers.

Kik Messenger is available in App World.

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  • Frank

    This application shows a lot of promise, it’s probably already the best messaging application not called BBM. It’s still very raw though, it doesn’t have a lot of important feature, finding users by email, group chat, and send files.

  • Prom1

    Since our corporate users travel considerably and multiple times throughout the year this application is a money saver.

  • Zabes

    Since you can’t send text messages through it anymore it lost its appeal