BlackBerry 6 Response Times on the Bold 9700 vs the Torch 9800


Have you loaded BlackBerry 6 on your Bold 9700? Even the leaked version that hit the Internet recently is more responsive than the Torch 9800. I’ve loaded the latest version of BlackBerry 6 on each device and even though the Torch 9800 has more icons on the screen, the Bold 9700 is definitely more responsive. Hopefully the Torch will get faster with a few more updates because the lag time on the device is a little frustrating. Other than that, the Torch is arguably the best BlackBerry to date.

  • Marc

    Curious what is running on the Torch? When I do the same thing on my Torch, it’s as smooth as the 9700…

  • Anonymous

    I actually closed all of the open applications and i’m running OS .264. I just upgraded to .337 and it is MUCH smoother

  • papped

    Yeah this is already fixed on .337