Rogers BlackBerry Bold 9780 Available from Future Shop at $149.99 on 3 Year

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The Rogers BlackBerry Bold 9780 is currently listed on the Future Shop website at $149.99 on a 3 year contract. The Bold 9780 is the same look and feel as the 9700, except it has a small spec boost, a better 5MP camera, and it ships with BlackBerry 6. It should be interesting to see how well this smartphone sells, considering the Curve 3G is going for $49.99 on a 3 year, and the 9700 is $99 on a 3 year. With the BlackBerry 6 upgrade coming anyways, is a 5MP camera important to you versus 3.2MP?

  • Trax95008

    you make it sound like the camera is the only difference. the ram has been doubled which will add to the performance. (like adding ram to a pc) and who knows what other hardware bugs have been addressed

  • Nick Valentino

    I want to know what kind of nut jobs sign a 3 year contract. I personally can’t wait to pick one of these up…in white…on T-Mobile.

  • Donny

    Let’s see.
    A) The nut job that doesn’t want to spend $529.99 incl tax for full retail,
    B) The nut job that is NOT planning to leave providers if there are no issues to upgrade; and gets good service and no payment issues on his/her line,
    C) The nut job that has waited 2yrs plus for an upgrade and is still stuck with a Bold 9000, Curve 8320, or heaven forbid the 8800.8820.
    D) The nut job that is willing to switch to Telus for $99.99/3yr.
    E) the nut job that says and considers all the above apply’s and says to hell with option B) and is weighing their options. Also this final nut job that considers the extra $349 in pocket saved from spending retail can be used for a great xmas present for the girlfriend or wife that guarantees a great night - or the woman that is also thinking another great night or expensive purse/bag and boots for winter making them hot to trott.

    Are you thinking like a short sited job? ;)

  • Nick Valentino

    You only have yourself to blame for signing that contract to got you “stuck” with the 9000 in the first place.

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