Xobni Updated with BlackBerry 6 Support and More Touchscreen Features



Xobni has updated their very useful BlackBerry app to support BlackBerry 6 as well as they’ve added a few other features. Here is a breakdown of Xobni’s support for BlackBerry 6 and the new features:

  • On OS 6.x devices touching the Xobni bar or flick up works on compose, reply and forward actions
  • Updated High-Definition icons
  • Touch scrolling enhanced for optimized scrolling experience
  • Editing is aware of virtual keyboard display and formats content shown on remaining screen
  • Xobni bar not showing up in some cases now handled
  • Add picture for contacts via camera

The new version is supposed to be available in App World but it isn’t showing up on the Torch just yet. It’s probably best to get the latest version directly from Xobni at xobni.com/mobile.