Balsillie Confirms BlackBerry PlayBook to be Priced Under $500


jim balsillie with a tablet

Jim Balsillie made an interesting point recently when he compared the tablet market to the smartphone market, essentially saying there’s enough room for everyone and the market will explode in a similar fashion. It does seem to be the case that everyone is upgrading to a smartphone, and that everyone’s phone will eventually be “smart”, but does the same necessarily hold true for tablets?

“You have seen the smartphone market just explode… We are in the right sweet spot… This idea that there are two players and a small pie and they are divvying that between them – you are missing the point,” Balsillie told Reuters in an interview on the sidelines of the G20 CEO Summit in Seoul.

At the same meeting, Jim Balsillie told reporters that the PlayBook will be priced under $500, but wouldn’t go into specifics about the exact price. Will it be $499? Or perhaps much cheaper at $300. Considering the device relies on a BlackBerry for connectivity, RIM is going to have to price the tablet lower than the competitors. Ideally, the PlayBook would come in at a pricepoint where every BlackBerry user will feel like they can afford one.

It looks like all of this will be confirmed in the next couple of months when we get close to a rumored February launch.

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