Mobile Providers Are Increasingly Selling Devices in Strange Places

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Increasingly, wireless providers are selling their devices in places you wouldn’t expect people to purchase them. The most recent example of this is a 7 year deal struck by Mobilicity with 7-Eleven in which the provider’s phones will be sold in the chain’s convenience stores in three Canadian cities. Who walks in to a 7-Eleven for a Slurpee and walks out with a Bold 9700?

There are several similar stories like the Mobilicity deal. Wind Mobile partnered with Blockbuster to offer mobile devices in movie rental outlets. Rogers sells devices in Shoppers Drug Mart and Bell and Telus sell devices in Black’s retail outlets. Even the grocery store chain Loblaws is beginning to sell mobile phones.

Other places you can purchase a BlackBerry include Amazon, Best Buy, Wal-Mart etc.

So where did you buy your BlackBerry? Would you ever buy one at a grocery store or 7-Eleven?

  • Cellularguy

    Are these providers nuts? I wouldn’t buy a PDA or Blackberry in a Walmart or Amazon let alone a 7-Eleven! Who is going to provide me support? the cashier?


  • Kyle McInnes

    Or a grocery store. “Hmmm…milk, lettuce, eggs, and…oh yeah a $600 smartphone”.

  • Anonymous

    7-11’s have been selling contract-free phones for years, including their own 7-11 branded service! Mobilicity is just one more provider that 7-11 now sells. I highly doubt I’ll see a $300-$450 Blackberry at a 7-11, but Mobilicity has at least 4 sub-$100 phones which 7-11 can stock.

    Same thing with the Loblaws grocery store selling phones - they’re just the prepaid dumbphones, nothing special.

    At least Wind Mobile has real kiosks inside various Blockbusters which are staffed by Wind employees. Basically like a kiosk in a mall, but inside an underused video store. It’s not like it’s unheard of - Blockbuster’s main competitor in Canada is Rogers Video, which also sells cellphones right next to the video rentals.

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