Keep Your Personal Life Secret With BlackBook 3


blackbook 3

BlackBook is a really cool app that lets you hide information on your BlackBerry from prying eyes. Sure, you can always put a password on your device, but that makes it obvious that you might have something to hide. What’s more innocent about someone with an unlocked device and everything there for you to see? The app doesn’t even have an icon and launches only with a secret key input.

New to BlackBook:

  • ENHANCED SMS FILTERING: To hide SMS, there’s no more Setup Guide to follow. No firewall settings to change. No complications. BlackBook now instantly hides SMS’ from newly added, and imported contacts!
  • THREADED SMS: Chat intuitively with hidden contacts using BlackBook’s new Threaded SMS feature!
  • REVAMPED INTERFACE: The Graphical User Interface has been totally overhauled and now offers a richer experience.
  • BACKUP & RESTORE CONTACTS: Never lose your contact list from an OS update, or changing phones again. All BlackBook contacts can now be backed up and restored.
  • REAL-TIME SEARCHING: Real-time Contact Searching lets you quickly locate, and communicate with your hidden contacts.
  • FAKE APP NAME: To keep it as hidden as possible, BlackBook will be listed as Clock in your Applications list.

BlackBook has a variety of other features that allow you to hide information on your phone so be sure to hit the store link and read up. Check out the latest version of BlackBook in the store, reasonably priced at $4.99.

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