What Businesses Can Benefit from the BlackBerry PlayBook?


blackberry playbook

The PlayBook is going to be very enterprise-friendly and there are a lot of businesses that could potentially benefit from a tablet connected to a BES and synced with the corporate email servers. Recently, Sun Life Financial said it plans to use the PlayBook to help companies increase the number of employees who sign up for group retirement plans.

Sun Life has found that a lot of employees will attend information sessions about group retirement but will leave without having signed up. With a PlayBook, Sun Life will be able to sign up employees on the spot, and the PlayBook will pay for itself quickly.

What other businesses can benefit from a PlayBook? Clinics, hospitals and the healthcare industry will surely grab the PlayBook as patient data is so sensitive, and a secure RIM tablet would be complementary to their services. Anyone in sales will surely want a tablet for presentations and accessing analytics on the go. Do you think your company could benefit from a PlayBook?

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  • boj

    Law firms, wall street, consultants and any other profession where meetings are essential but meeting space is scarce could benefit by using portable video conferancing.

  • http://blogs.blackberry.com Douglas tr0n Soltys

    Hey guys,

    Because the PlayBook is a professional-grade device, we think pretty much any business can benefit from utilizing the PlayBook. You mentioned healthcare industry as a potential for using PlayBook… At Adobe Max, RIM CEO Mike Lazaridis showcased the medical application – eUnity – on the PlayBook. It allows medical professionals to easily and securely share and collaborate over medical images (video here: http://devblog.blackberry.com/2010/10/blackberry-playbook-apps/) anywhere in the world. We’ll keep updating the Dev Blog with more news on successful PlayBook app development. Stay tuned.

    Douglas from RIM
    @tron / @BlackBerry /@BlackBerryDev

  • http://zezel.com/Departments/BES-V50.aspx Salvatiry Carlino

    It’s pretty cool to have Blackberry Playbook! The application and software are cool. You’ll enjoy browsing such sites anywhere using this gadget because, of course, it is touch screen and 4G. If you’re a businessman, Playbook may be good for you because it has a lot of applications like ITunes, and you’ll easily get connected with your network.