FileScout Updated with ScreenCapture App and Playlist Enhancements


FileScout, one of the best file explorer apps for the BlackBerry, has been updated with a screenshot app called ScreenScout, and some playlist enhancements. The new screenshot app is even included in the free version of FileScout, FileScoutLite. While there are a lot of free screenshot solutions on the market right now, FileScout’s comes with customization to fit your needs.

Check out FileScout and FileScoutLite in the store.

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What’s New

  • ScreenScout - Use FileScout to capture your BlackBerry Device display from anywhere.
    This new FileScout version will come with a integrated fully configurable screenshot application. FileScoutLite user can also make use of this new feature (the Lite Version will add some overlay to the screenshot). Of course you need to grant FileScout the permission (in the BlackBerry device application permission configuration) to capture the screen of the device.
    The capture operation can be accessed in two ways (if not disabled in the options)
    1. Via the Global Menu entry ‘ScreenShot with FileScout’
      In any application you simply can select the ‘ScreenShot with FileScout’ menu item to capture the current screen (of course without the menu visible).
      Unfortunately the global menu is not always accessible (or does not include the system wide menu items) in this case the you should use the ‘ScreenScout’ background application to capture the screen.
    2. Via the ScreenScout background application (recommended)
        Simply open the TaskSwitcher (hold ALT any press ESC or on newer OS: hold down the BB-Menu-Button) and select the ‘ScreenScout - Capture with FileScout’ application. By simply selecting the background application FileScout will capture the current screen (incl. all popup dialogs) and will save it as image into the specified screenshot directory.
    Configuration ‘FileScout Image & ScreenShot Options’ (Lite Version: ‘ScreenShot Options’):
    • ‘ScreenShot Directory’
      Specify the destination directory for all the screenshots you are going to create (a directory need to be defined in order to use the new functionality).
    • ‘Autoname ScreenShots’
      When this option is enabled the screenshots will get the default file name “ScreenCapture” (already existing screenshots will not be overwritten instead the new screenshot will be autorenamed. If this checkbox is deactivated you will be prompted each time to enter the filename for the new screenshot.
    • ‘Add Timestamp to file name’ (not available in Lite Version)
      The screenshot file name will automatically get a timestamp information in the format ‘YYYYMMDD-HHMM’ at the end.
    • ‘Open ScreenShot Directory after operation’
      After taking a screenshoot FileScout will be opened so that you can instantly do what ever is required with the new created screenshot image.
    • ‘Add Global ScreenShot Menu’
      If you don’t like to have the Global ‘ScreenShot with FileScout’ MenuItem you can simply deactivate it with this checkbox (a reboot/battery pull required to take effect).
    • ”Launch ScreenShot Background Application on system start’
      Same applies to the additional ScreenScout Application that will be automatically launched in the background at system start. If you don’t like that the background app will be launched uncheck this checkbox (a reboot/battery pull required to take effect).
    • You can also select between PNG or JPEG (including the compression level) as screenshot file format.
  • Creation of PlayLists more user friendly - show warning when no Playlist directory is configured - creating recursive Playlists can be canceled
  • Additional Key-ShortCut [SHIFT]+[L]: PlayList Recursive
  • The TextEditor allow you to use a own/different FontFamily (can be configured in the Options)
  • eMail Archive & Browse with FileScout MenuItems will now check if another instance of FileScout is already running in the background and if this is the case this background instance will be used.

What’s Fixed

  • False warning ‘Playlist Directory does not exist any longer’ when actually no files have been selected is fixed.
  • OS6 seams to be not able to include Video files in a playlist - so on OS6 Videos will be excluded

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