BlackBerry Traffic App Out of Beta and Available in App World


RIM’s BlackBerry Traffic app provides you with an ETA as well as crowd-sourced real-time data and/or historical traffic information to accurately predict the duration of the journey for all users. For areas where no data has been captured through crowd-sourcing, historical traffic data is used to predict the ETA. The Traffic app will also let you check alternate routes, get more information on incidents and check out local promotions while en route.

Other features of the BlackBerry Traffic app include:

  • A main drive screen that displays ETA in local time, distance and time remaining to reach your destination, and access to controls for view, destination selection, POI search and sharing information with contacts
  • A detailed drive screen that provides a traffic visualization along the current trip
  • Icons indicating incident details along the current route
  • Bing search to locate new POI destinations
  • Ability to share ETAs via SMS, email or PIN with BlackBerry address book contacts or contacts entered manually

BlackBerry Traffic is currently available in North America and requires BlackBerry OS 4.6 and above and a GPS-enabled device.

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