Leaked BlackBerry Desktop Manager


blackberry desktop manager 6

BlackBerry Desktop Manager 6.0 is a decent upgrade from the previous version of Desktop Manager but it still needs a little ways to go. The latest version supports 6.0 devices and is meant to make the experience a little more user friendly. In the latest leaked version of 6.0, you’ll find:

  • Microsoft Outlook & Exchange 2010 64-bit are now supported
  • Administrator silent install
  • Organizer sync improved
  • Wi-Fi sync streaming now supported for over SSL (BlackBerry 6)

You can grab the latest leaked version from MegaUpload or from hotfile.

  • http://www.blackberrymonk.com Themonk

    Just be careful installing rogue versions of the Desktop Manager because if it hoses something and you call RIM, they won’t support it.

  • Guest

    Lost support for Filters in 6.0, did they put that back in?

  • Riccardo Feliziani

    It seems that it works. It can now synchronize task, contacts and notes with Office 2010 64 bit, but unfortunately the calendar is not working yet (the component is not installed). I’m using a BB 8900.

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