Does SignalBooster by S4BB Actually Work? Almost Certainly Not.



SignalBooster by S4BB is the latest app to come from the company and it’s highly suspect. Not too long ago, we had a similar issue with an app called NetworkACC - Mobile Network Accelerator that claimed to boost the speed of your network. A while back we wrote an article breaking down exactly what a third party BlackBerry app can do, and did a great job of proving that NetworkACC’s claims are simply not possible. By using the same facts provided in this article, we would have to say that SignalBooster is also lying about their ability to boost your signal. The fact is that third parties simply don’t have access to a radio layer of code.

According to S4BB:

By clicking the Boost Signal! button your voice, data and Internet connections are being reset. The best possible reception is chosen for the new signal and then all your connections come up again automatically. You will see a summary dialog of what just happened and how much performance you gained.

So it looks like what they’re doing is just resetting your connections and the other claims about “the best possible reception is chosen” doesn’t ring true. Why don’t they just sell this app as a connection resetting tool? They already exist and there is room for more than one app that does the same thing. This sort of false marketing should really disqualify you from App World.

  • Eric at Ebscer

    Most applications from S4BB are junk like this. If you are actually going to boost the signal, you need to be adding hardware…

  • Jeff

    Good post. Most apps by this developer are all hype and no substance.

  • Stephan

    if it just resets the (data) connections and with that increases the actual signal strength, it’s still better than nothing - i just bought the app; today it was a special offer for $0.99 - i have spent money for more “stupid” things ;-)

  • Jojo62

    Downloaded this app today. And now my BB9900 stopped working :-( I am one unhappy camper…

  • House

    This company - S4BB is WORTHLESS. I downloaded a “learn French” app and it is WORTHLESS. Doesnt work at all. I contacted their support and they blow you off. They did reply to tell me that I must have downloaded the wrong app? Huh?