Miss Kik? Here Are a Few More Cross-Platform Chat Apps for BlackBerry



Now that Kik has been suspended from App World, you might be looking for an alternative cross-platform chat app. Maybe you were never looking for a cross-platform chat app but read the news about Kik and now you’re interested. Either way, there are a few apps out there worth considering.


PingChat! is a platform-agnostic messaging app that works on BlackBerry, iPhone and Android devices. PingChat has more than 500,000 unique users daily, as well as provides rich media support for sharing videos, photos and voice memos. It has also been available for six months in App World.

Price: FREE

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Whats App Messenger

WhatsApp is a cross-platform messenger available for BlackBerry and 3 other major handsets. The integrates into the address book and automatically connects you to friends - a feature some may not appreciate this. Features you are going to appreciate include media sharing, contact Blocking, location sharing, custom notifications and email chat history.

Price: FREE (for first year)

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Cnectd is another cross-platform messenger that uses push notifications and a host of other features to provide a solid chat platform. The app lets you send text messages, pictures (limited media sharing), and your location to your contacts. The app also has a social element to it, allowing you to find friends based on your location. A unique feature for this app is group chat, which allows you to chat with multiple friends at once.

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    PingChat has group chat also…it has always had group chat

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