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How to Get Your Foursquare TSA Groping Badge this Thanksgiving


baggage handler foursquare badge

Getting your “baggage” handled this Thanksgiving? Well Foursquare has a badge for that too. When checking in to an airport, include something in the shout such as “TSA”, “grope” or “Don’t touch my junk, bro!” and you’ll unlock the badge. Once unlocked, the text reads “Looks like you’ve had your baggage handled. Happy Holidays and have a safe flight!”.

Remember, you can download Foursquare for BlackBerry from App World.
Get it in app world
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Spotted on LinkedIn: Apple Snagging RIM Enterprise Sales Staff



Should companies allow their employees to use LinkedIn? By allowing your employees to use LinkedIn, you are allowing them to advertise themselves to other companies for employment, and leaving a point of contact so they can receive an offer. On the other hand, social is here to stay and you should be confident enough in your company to keep employees from being poached.

Today’s news that RIM is losing enterprise sales staff to Apple, as seen on LinkedIn, really seems to drive home the fact that a more open and social ecosystem leaves your employees open for poaching. According to the news from the WSJ, it looks like RIM has lost a number of sales staff over the past 1.5 years, including 5 recently.

These sales execs will surely have their work cut out for them. Who would want a job selling a device that is only a touchscreen to enterprise? That’s like trying to sell coffee with only an espresso available.

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More on RIM Shutting Down the Kik Messenger Service



The story of why Kik has been pulled from App World just got more complicated. Today, Kik posted an open letter to Kik users asking RIM to let Kik back in App World. Recently, RIM not only pulled Kik from App World, but they have removed Kik’s access to the BlackBerry Software Development Kit and Signing Keys, so any future development is frozen. So what exactly is going on here? It’s obvious not all the facts are on the table.

Kik doesn’t openly accuse RIM of pulling the application because it directly competes with BBM, but they do say:
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Leaked BlackBerry Desktop Manager


blackberry desktop manager 6

BlackBerry Desktop Manager 6.0 is a decent upgrade from the previous version of Desktop Manager but it still needs a little ways to go. The latest version supports 6.0 devices and is meant to make the experience a little more user friendly. In the latest leaked version of 6.0, you’ll find:

  • Microsoft Outlook & Exchange 2010 64-bit are now supported
  • Administrator silent install
  • Organizer sync improved
  • Wi-Fi sync streaming now supported for over SSL (BlackBerry 6)

You can grab the latest leaked version from MegaUpload or from hotfile.

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College Humor: BBM or Text a Contact Something Ridiculous for $100


College Humor put together a contest video that asks people to spin a wheel and either BBM or text a contact for $100. The best part is that you have to wait 5 minutes before telling the person that it was a prank, in order to give them time to answer and let the prank settle in. Check out the video for a few laughs.

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Non-Profit WWF-Canada Launches an App with Polar Mobile


WWF app

WWF-Canada and Polar Mobile have launched an app using Polar Mobile’s SMART Platform. The app gives users updates users on the latest WWF-Canada news, from conservation successes, stories and videos to details on upcoming events in Canada and around the world.

For those who don’t know about the non-profit, the WWF aims to stop the degradation of the planet’s natural environment and to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature.

You can grab the app here at this landing page or point your BlackBerry browser to

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