BlackBerry OS Surpasses iOS in Terms of Web Browsing in the US



StatCounter is a web analytics company that has published some interesting data about web browsing on the various smartphone platforms. According to their stats, which are sampled based on 15 billion pageviews per month in the US, BlackBerry OS trumped Apple’s iOS in web browsing for the first time at 34.3% versus 33% respectively.

One of the reasons BlackBerry’s web browsing has shot up recently is probably directly attributed to the success of the BlackBerry Torch and newly upgraded devices to BlackBerry 6. As we leave OS 5 behind, we can expect more BlackBerry devices to be hitting web sites. Go baby go!

  • AndrewScottD

    This could also be attributed to all of the newest devices being 3G as well :)

  • Wes Bos

    It could also be because there aren’t any good apps for the blackberry so everyone has to use the browser

  • chris

    why build specialized apps that do the same thing as a mobile webpage which A) cost less B) can run on all major smartphones (almost) ?

    building specialized apps is going to fade away as fast as it came

  • Wes Bos

    Yeah I agree, I build everything in HTML5 and wrap it in something like phonegap. I’m just saying that since a lot of the past devices were poorly powered, there aren’t as many native apps and thus poeple are using the web. A step in the right direction as far as I’m concerned.