Put Your App and BlackBerry Product Ideas on Kickstarter


Kelvin Hulet let us know about a Universal Smartphone Mount project he started on Kickstarter and it got us thinking: why aren’t there more BlackBerry product and app ideas kicking around Kickstarter? There are a quite a few for iPhone but the BlackBerry community doesn’t seem to be interested in Kickstarter.

The BlackBerry community is constantly saying “I wish there was an app for that” and with a little funding you could get your project going. Developers could also take advantage of this service and raise money for an app they’d like to build but can’t find the monetary incentive to create. Have you ever had an idea for a BlackBerry app or product but didn’t have the investment? Try Kickstarter and let BlackBerryCool know. We’ll help you promote it and maybe throw a little cash your way.