Rogers VP John Boynton Confirms BlackBerry PlayBook to Be Sold Early 2011


Rogers VP John Boynton confirmed at TabLifeTO that the carrier will be carrying the WiFi BlackBerry PlayBook with the 3G models coming once they’re available. It should be interesting to see if the PlayBook will come with the rumored pricing and whether the price will differ between Rogers and other potential sellers such as WalMart or Amazon. Also at TabLifeTO, David Neale, Vice President of Special Projects at RIM took some time to demo the PlayBook which looks great every time we see it in action.

  • Hardened

    Oh YEAH baby Oh YEAH

  • Hayweed

    He said in 2011 not early 2011

  • June

    I hope its not too late by then with competition on the heels, nokia, samsung et all.

  • Hardened

    Really? Nokia has nothing worthy announced YET - Samsung is content with their Galaxy Tab - yet they do have strength in efficient and fast manufacturing (RIM was smart not to isolate themselves with AMOLED only screens since Samsung is the ONLY supplier of this tech). Acer and LG have NOTHING close to this performance but they have multiple models for specific target markets (5″/7″/10″ screens).

    Even if RIM launched in April 2011 they’ll do JUST fine for the following:
    HD video conferencing (both cameras)
    Ability to be managed by BES - many existing infrastrucures
    BBM compatibility over WLAN & BT WAN connection via existing BB’s for chat
    Most versatile yet expected GUI layout for business users (whom may not be so technically inclined but run a corporation like a swiss watch)!
    Dual Core SMP cpu’s - BOTH running up to 1Ghz which the OMAP 4440 can be overclocked (gaming geeks salivate NOW) - and EACH of those cores are SMP enabled!

    Again remember its NOT about specifications only - but how much features and an ecosystem that can be USED by the end user no matter their specific target market or demographic. RIM is poised to bring home the bacon on this device.

    RIM NEEDS to do the following for great sales:
    Advertise, Advertise, Advertise - Web, Print (Magazines: FP quarterly in Globe & Mail, financial or tech mag’s like Wired. Newspapers: Financial Post, Globe & Mail, even the Toronto Star, Capital cities’ gazettes across both North & South America - RIM BB platform has a HUGE developer following in South America especially Brazil).

    Enhance developer tools for power and ease of use! Take in suggestions seriously from experienced or novice developers. Offer as MANY FREE webcasts for how to develop from the completely novice that is interested as a hobby -to- the pro experienced developer that makes his/her cheddar & pays bills & mortgage by developing apps!!

    Have 1 model with an internal expert to the largest regional/munipal groups around the world for a presentation/question-answer day.