More Video of the PlayBook Including Interview About the Device


Rogers TabLife TO video: RIM’s David Neale on the new BlackBerry PlayBook and the tablet sector from Rogers Buzz on Vimeo.

We have recently seen the video demonstration of the PlayBook at TabLifeTO and Rogers RedBoard put up extended video of the demo including the interview with David Neale and Marc Saltzman. There are a few tibits of information that are interesting in the information including the fact that the PlayBook will have FIPS 140 security as well as the fact that the front and rear camera have different resolutions. The front camera is 3MP and the back is 5MP. Neale also suggested that the PlayBook will come in many different form factors and RIM isn’t going to stick with a 7″ tablet forever. We can expect a QNX tablet in various sizes and potentially with a QWERTY keyboard.