Roundup of BlackBerry PlayBook Apps We Have Seen So Far


blackberry playbook with plants vs zombies

Now that App World is accepting BlackBerry PlayBook apps, many are wondering what people are going to submit. We’ve taken the time to put together a roundup of all the PlayBook apps we’ve seen so far. There are many developers out there that are working on apps that we may not have spotted yet, so be sure to comment and let us know about them and we can add them to the list. So far there are a lot of cool apps and the PlayBook is shaping up to be a well-rounded device with both enterprise and consumer applications. Read after the jump for the full list.

Amazon Kindle App by Amazon

blackberry playbook

Amazon has announced that it will launch a Kindle app for the PlayBook which will be free for users to enjoy. The app, like all Kindle apps, will let customers buy once, read everywhere on all devices with a Kindle app. Amazon’s Whispersync technology will sync your place across devices, so you can pick up where you left off.

BlackBerry PlayBook Fantasy Football Application by Universal Mind

This Fantasy Football app for the PlayBook by Universal Mind looks like it’s going to be awesome. One thing you have to wonder though, is whether users need a Fantasy Football app, considering the PlayBook’s awesome web browsing may allow you to access the NFL’s Fantasy Football web app.

Pow Pool by Tommo

Pow Pool looks like a decent 3D Flash game that shows how gaming on the PlayBook will be significantly better than on a BlackBerry. The 3D graphics could probably be accomplished with OpenGL enabled BlackBerrys, but developing in Flash may be easier.

eUnity App by Client Outlook

eunity app

The eUnity app from Client Outlook allows medical professionals to share and collaborate around medical images. Apparently it was very easy to bring this app to the PlayBook, and the developers say it took a mere 2 hours to port the app to the PlayBook due to the SDK RIM provided.

Proof-of-Concept Browser App by BBerryGo

Although this app won’t get a free PlayBook due to RIM’s terms and conditions, BBerryGo has said it was merely a proof-of-concept and a first foray into PlayBook development. Apparently it only took a couple hours to put together and we’re sure BBerryGo will be working on something bigger.

Baby GO! by Zeebu Mobile

Anthony Rizk, co-founder of Zeebu Mobile, ported the popular Baby GO! game for the PlayBook and apparently it only took around 4 hours of development time, most of which was learning Flash development from scratch. The app was really successful on BlackBerry and it will surely be a hit on the PlayBook.

  • Guest

    I’d love to see a QNX powered netbook… :)

  • christina

    There seem to only be a few apps, and what is in contention is whether you build apps for all OSs, or whether a business will choose to develop apps for only a couple of OS’s and if the Playbook will be one of those few. It is late to the game. But I agree, if it can build a good choice of apps, it will get a running start and maybe even other other OS’s because of it QNX structure.