Zenprise Announces MobileManager Version 6.0


zenprise architecture

Zenprise is a company we’ve been following for a long time on BlackBerryCool and they have recently launched 6.0 of their MobileManager product. The company’s product is a holistic approach to security for a company with support for multiple smartphones in their environment. In order to keep a company’s data safe, MobileManager offers IT the following security and management capabilities:

  • Dynamic Defense provides context aware device security, automatically detecting potential threats and intelligently adjusting security settings to mitigate risk. For example, Dynamic Defense can detect that a credit card scanner is no longer in a retail store and immediately lock down and even wipe the rouge device clean of data.
  • Secure Connect provides flexible application security that allows IT to offer mobile users secure, encrypted access to specific business applications from their smartphone. With the rapid expansion of business productivity apps on mobile devices, Secure Connect is a simple and flexible way to open access to these applications, while mitigating the risks involved.
  • Mobile Application Gateway brings intelligent security to the network. Used in conjunction with Secure Connect, the Gateway controls access to all corporate applications. and logs all mobile application traffic for compliance and reporting purposes.

Learn more about the company’s latest offerings here.

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