RIM Rolling Out BlackBerry News Feeds App in Beta Form


social feeds app for BlackBerry 6
Social Feeds

A new app will be hitting the App World Test Center and Beta Zone over the next couple days called BlackBerry News Feeds. The app is an integrated RSS reader that lets you read your daily news and share it with your contacts. Not much is known about this app but hopefully it will have some integration with Google Reader, otherwise many users won’t switch over from their current solutions.

Something that is really puzzling about this new app is the redunduncy it causes with BlackBerry 6 users that already have Social Feeds on their device. Perhaps this app is more focused on the OS 5 and below crowd. It’s also possible that the app uses some of the awesomeness from Viigo’s app, which has been dead ever since they were acquired by RIM.Hit the jump for details from RIM.

Today, RIM launched a beta version of its new BlackBerry News Feeds application. The BlackBerry News Feeds app will provide a single point that aggregates all RSS news. The app is integrated into the BlackBerry experience, making it easy to share articles with contacts, friends and family.

The BlackBerry News Feeds app goes live as a beta in both BlackBerry Beta Zone and in BlackBerry App World’s Test Center over the course of the day today.