Partners Fund Invests in Telecom Expense Management Solution Anomalous Networks


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“Bill Shock” has been an issue that almost every heavy smartphone user has experienced at one point or another. With SMS, roaming, data and voice charges, your bill can pile up pretty quickly, regardless if you’re enterprise or consumer. Anomalous Networks is a company that has announced financing from the BlackBerry Partners Fund and Anges Quebec to help reduce Bill Shock and provide customers with alerts and warnings before they enter a roaming situation or are about to reach their plan limits.

The Anomalous Networks solution comes as two user-friendly tools. The first is a real-time telecom expense management solution offered free to consumers called “Telicost”. The second is a real-time telecom expense management dashboard for businesses called “Intelicost” that costs a mere $5/month per employee. The solution is available for both BlackBerry and iPhone, and the company will be expanding with their latest funding.

More details available from the press release.