Rogers Changes Corporate Stance - Now Offering to Unlock Devices for $50 Fee



Until today, Rogers never offered their customers the ability to unlock their devices because, well, why should they give you the tools to go to another carrier? Here at BlackBerryCool, we’ve always supported the unlocking industry because we believe you should be able to take your smartphone wherever the best deal exists. Rogers Corporate has changed their stance on unlocking as of today and are offering to unlock your device for a $50 fee. The $50 fee is completely ludicrous considering how easy it is to find a deal online, but you have to commend Rogers on finally changing their stance. The price will surely come down in the near future. Hit the jump for the notice given to Rogers staff internally that we scored from RogersDude69.

Handset Unlocking Policy

Effective December 14, we’ll be changing our policy on device unlocking to allow customers the opportunity to unlock their devices for a $50 fee.

This new policy applies to phones, smartphones, embedded laptops, rocket sticks, rocket hubs and tablets depending on the manufacturer’s restrictions. Customers purchasing a new device or qualifying for a HUP are also eligible to have their previous phone unlocked.

To have a device unlocked a customer must:

Have an account in good standing.
Have paid the un-subsidized / no term cost for the device at least 30 days prior OR have finished their Commitment Period.
Unlock a device which is listed in their equipment history.
Pay a $50 unlocking fee plus applicable taxes (note: prepaid customers must have a $50 credit on their account plus applicable taxes).
How can a customer have their phone unlocked?

The unlock service is available through the Customer Care team (1-888-Rogers1)

What are the risks for unlocking devices?

Some features on the phone/device might be compromised by the unlocking and could affect its performance on our network. Our devices are optimized to work on the network for which they were purchased. Not all settings will work outside the carrier that certified the device.
Warranty may become void by some manufacturers if unlocked outside the Rogers/Fido policy or software has been tampered with.
In regard to our wireless handsets, customers have the added benefit of our Rogers Handset Protection Guarantee which will help cover the cost if their device is lost, stolen or broken.

If a customer brings in a phone for service, please:

Ask the customer if their phone has been unlocked; if yes, was it unlocked within the Rogers/Fido policy?
If unlocked within the Rogers/Fido policy and the software has not been tampered with then there is no impact on the warranty. Note that if unlocked outside the Rogers/Fido policy or the software has been tampered with then the warranty may be void.
Advise the customer the phone can potentially be re-locked as part of the repair process and if they wish to have it unlocked again, the policy and charge applies.
In order for a customer to take advantage of either the Rogers Courtesy Phone and/or the Handset Protection Guarantee programs, the customer’s device brand must correspond to the currently active CTN (i.e. Fido CTN cannot be sent for repair with Rogers branded hardware and vice versa).
All Hardware service transactions where the CTN brand does not correspond to the hardware brand will have to be processed manually. Customer will have to provide roof of purchase in order to proceed with manual In Warranty Repair.

  • Nick Valentino

    Who do they think they’re trying to fool for $50?? LOL <- $10

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