Free Call Blocking App Mr Number Updated With Text Message Blocking


Mr Number is a free call blocking app that has recently been updated to include the ability to block text messages. Considering the app is free, Mr Number offers users a lot of value with features such as:

  • Choose how to handle blocked calls (send to voicemail or hang up)
  • Automatically block tens of thousands of known telemarketers - list updated daily
  • Block individual phone numbers, a contact, an entire area code, or the world
  • Block private and restricted numbers
  • Customizable whitelist: make sure the right people always get through
  • History of every call blocked and why
  • Notifications of blocked calls in your inbox (optional)
  • Big easy on/off button in case you change your mind

With all the customizations for blocking certain calls, Mr Number makes it easy to only receive calls that are important to you. Grab Mr Number, free in App World.

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  • Anonymous

    Wow… I didn’t know you could do this… I am going to look for this app for the android phones. This can be very useful… especially when you want to make people think they just have a bad number all together. I like this.

  • Anonymous

    Can this app block by group?

  • Setbro72

    NO!!! Will freeze your BB!!! Mine got stuck on the Verizon Wireless screen ALL DAY on Christmas!! Had a HELL of a time uninstalling since it never even allowed me to run the OS

  • Meg

    Works great on my phone. Only people on my contacts list can get through. Everyone else gets a hang up (you can program the calls to go to voice mail instead, but I don’t want any spam messages).

  • Nimitzsailor01

    My phone started freezing up when I installed this app on my Curve. Beware!!

  • Diana_tse

    how did you resolve? help please!

  • Ebony

    i can still receive text messages from blocked numbers, why are they not blocked also.

  • Fi

    How do I retrieve text messages that have been blocked?

  • Scott

    I installed this app on my Galaxy S (android) and it seems to be working fine.  I don’t see an option where you can block by group though.

  • Michaela Jane

    This app is great, I no longer have to divert calls and delete unwanted texts as this app does it for you, occasionally the app does send some blocked calls and texts through, but this is easily resolved by just removing the caller from your blocklist, and simply re-blocking them. This is by far the most useful app that I have on my phone.