BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Windows Updated with Better Encryption


blackberry desktop manager

RIM has updated BlackBerry Desktop Manager and while there isn’t anything in the update that’s terribly exciting, it does come with better encryption for backup files. Hit the jump and read about the fixed issues in this latest build of Desktop Manager.

  • The encryption of BlackBerry device backups may have left the backup files vulnerable to a brute force password attempt by a malicious user if the malicious user had access to the files. The updated version of the BlackBerry Desktop Software includes changes to the method used to generate the encryption key that encrypts the BlackBerry device backup file. The BlackBerry Desktop Software 6.0.1 uses multiple iterations of the method to generate the encryption key, to help improve resistance against brute force attacks on the encrypted backup file. (DT 896848)
  • If your device is associated with a BlackBerry® Enterprise Server, and you performed a custom restore and the databases are read-only or already synchronizing wirelessly, you didn’t receive any warning that your data didn’t restore. (DT 755153)
  • Occasionally, the error message “The operation terminated unexpectedly” appeared when you synchronized MemoPad. (DT 677881)
  • The start date for a Microsoft® Outlook® task reset to the due date when changing the time zone your device uses. (DT 598687)

  • The BlackBerry Desktop Software didn’t detect new music added to a blank music library. (DT 758229)
  • The Unknown artist and genre always showed 0 songs in the summary and didn’t appear in the song count. (DT 755250)
  • You received a synchronization error when you synchronized some pictures and you ran out of space on your device. (DT 752364)
  • On Windows® 7, AVI files with AC 3 audio were transcoded without sound. (DT 757288)
  • Sometimes, audio and video for MP4 video files were out of sync. (DT 733679)
  • The status window for the Wi-Fi® music sync installation didn’t close if your device was disconnected. (DT 759258)
  • iTunes album art wasn’t imported after installing Wi-Fi music sync. (DT 759000)
  • With Wi-Fi music sync, you received an incorrect message when you change your music library between iTunes and Windows Media® Player. (DT 758226)

The new version supposedly also improves upon the following features:

  • Synchronization - Improvements have been made for synchronizing your organizer data.
  • Microsoft® support - The 64-bit versions of Microsoft® Outlook® 2010 and Microsoft® Exchange 2010 are supported.
  • Pictures - You can select individual pictures to synchronize to your device.
  • Videos - You can synchronize videos to your device without converting the video file.
  • Wi-Fi music sync - You can stream your music while you download it to your device and you can download music over an SSL connection.

Download the latest version of BlackBerry Desktop Manager at this link

  • Caspan

    Good now people stop complaining about no Outlook 2010 x64 support :) You buy bleeding edge software you get what you get LOL I wonder if Office 2011 support is in the MAC client… BRB!