Funny British Comedy Clip: “My BlackBerry is Not Working!”


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British Comedy is sometimes hard for North Americans to appreciate because of the thick accents and strange words from days of yore, but this is a clip that every BlackBerry user would appreciate. The clip comes from a preview of The One Ronnie, a show that features Ronnie Corbett in a variety of sketches. Enjoy!

  • artie cisneros

    That was great…

  • Bongo

    ‘Thick accents and strange words from days of yore’ Ummm.. have you ever been to the UK? You might want to get out a bit more.

  • Kyle McInnes

    I guess England isn’t so bad but they may as well speak another language in Scotland (been there 10+ times).

  • lindyloy


  • Sam

    Brilliant I cried laughing!

  • ingvar_e

    Funny, funny!!

  • Sadfgd

    Most people in England would probably agree with you, I have Scottish family and I’ll struggle with some of the thicker Jock accents. Then again, most people in London can’t understand people from further north than Peterbrough, so there you go..

  • Caedmonpalov

    Darling’s I see a patern here, yes, England, Scotland, Thick, ya, love you all.