Video: What’s Inside Your BlackBerry? by Kidela Capital Group


What’s Inside your BlackBerry? from Kidela Capital Group Inc. on Vimeo.

Kidela Capital Group sent us a video they created that details some of the rare earth metals that you’ll find in a BlackBerry. Whether it’s the LCD screen, the motor that runs the vibration notification, or the red color on the blinking LED, rare earth metals are essential to creating an efficient and ubiquitous communication device.

If you’re interested in the learning more about the rare earth market and would like to know some of the differences between companies found around the world, Kidela Capital Group has a Rare Earth Element Company Comparison Report (PDF) for you to view.

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  • Caspan

    Wow the video was completely shot at BlackBerry users! Every item made now a days requires this stuff from cars to my LCD television. Why pick on smartphone users? Are we suppose to do something about it like recycle our phones or what was the point of telling us this? There was no information it was just a hey BTW we are running out of gas because its non renewable… have a nice day. Am I the only one here?

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