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Review: QR Code Reader Code Muncher by Motek


code muncher

Motek, the company behind the popular screencapture app Screen Muncher, has recently released a QR code reader called Code Muncher. The app plays off the marketing success of Screen Muncher, by using similar branding and the recognizable “munching” sound whenever a QR code is read.

Code Muncher is available free as an ad-supported app that scans and reads 2D QR codes by simply launching the app and pointing your camera at them. As soon as the app recognizes the QR code, the famous “Motek Muncher Monster” will eat the code and allow you to view web sites, send SMS messages, call phone numbers, and save contact information from it. So how did it fare in testing? Hit the jump to find out.
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BBextra by FeelBerry Packs Over 100 Features Into One App



BBextra is one of those apps that takes a large feature set and packs it into a single app. By giving you a long list of over 100 potential customizations, the app lets you design your BlackBerry’s notifications and features the way you like. All intros aside, it’s best to just check out the feature list and see what you’re getting.

The app is currently being sold for $5.99 and more details are available at this link.

Magmic Talks About THK Live Growing Pains and Recent Server Fixes


THK Live

Magmic recently launched THK Live, the latest addition to the Texas Hold’em King franchise. The game features some interesting monetization methods including in app ads for other Magmic games, virtual goods and chips that can be purchased, all with a free download. While THK has been a success, it has almost been too successful. We spoke to Magmic about some of the user feedback we’ve been seeing regarding frozen tables and what seems to be server issues. Hit the jump to read the story.
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Wizard’s Dungeon Puzzle Game Now Available with Free Demo Version


wizard's dungeon

Carbide Software let us know that they’ve released a demo version of their game Wizard’s Dungeon. The game is a lot like the popular arcade game Magic Bubble and all those bubble popping games that have you matching colors in a Tetris sort of way. The full version is also available so download the free trial and see what you think.

Download the free demo of Wizard’s Dungeon at this link.
Download the full, paid version of Wizard’s Dungeon here.

Groupon Daily Deals App Available for OS 5.0+ Devices



While many are still shocked that Groupon would said no to Google’s 6 billion dollar offer, Groupon is still trucking along with awesome deals and recently, a BlackBerry app. The app, which is now available in App World, lets you get the daily deal directly to your BlackBerry. Even though you get the deals emailed to you, the app will let you display the coupon to the retailer so you don’t have to print.
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Celebrate Christmas Eve with These Bible and Catholic Mass Apps


YouTube link

Today is Christmas Eve and if you’re looking for a good Bible app we have a few for you to check out. We also welcome you guys to comment any particularly good Bible apps you may have discovered yourself. Have a Merry Christmas from BlackBerryCool and we wish you and your family all the best.

1001 Bible Verses from Ximad
Bible NIV from Ximad
iBreviary by byPaolo Padrini for Catholic Mass
The Bible App (YouVersion) by