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Developers: Using the Container Classes in the BlackBerry PlayBook SDK


Using the Container Class in the PlayBook SDK from Ryan Stewart on Vimeo.

We recently wrote about Ryan’s tutorials for the PlayBook and if you’re developing an app for the PlayBook, we suggest you bookmark/subscribe to the blog. The most recent tutorial involves using the Container classes in the PlayBook SDK to help lay out objects on the screen. The above tutorial will show you how to use Container classes and ultimately lay out your app so it’s user friendly and easy on the eyes. Head over to this link to check out the sample code.

Ford Announces AppLink to Give Drivers Voice Controlled Apps


ford sync applink

Ford has announced that AppLink, a new sync solution for smartphones, will be available as a free download beginning with 2011 Ford Fiesta owners. Ford has also announced that AppLink is compatible with all major smartphones and allows you to interact with popular apps such as Pandora, Stitcher and OpenBeak. Currently, only Ford Fiesta 2011 owners will have access to AppLink, but it will surely roll out in more vehicles soon after. To get the AppLink update added to your account, head over to

Funny British Comedy Clip: “My BlackBerry is Not Working!”


YouTube Link

British Comedy is sometimes hard for North Americans to appreciate because of the thick accents and strange words from days of yore, but this is a clip that every BlackBerry user would appreciate. The clip comes from a preview of The One Ronnie, a show that features Ronnie Corbett in a variety of sketches. Enjoy!

BullGuard Mobile Antivirus Special Edition Giveaway With 5,000 Free Copies



BullGuard has recently announced BullGuard Mobile Security 10, a suite of antivirus and protection software for smartphones and they’re running a celebratory giveaway of their antivirus product. The antivirus portion of BullGuard features Antivirus, Antispyware, Basic Backup and Support. The full version of BullGuard Mobile Security 10 features Antivirus, Antispyware, Antitheft, Parental Control, Firewall, Spamfilter, Basic Backup and Support.

The first 5,000 users to sign up will get the BullGuard Mobile Antivirus app for free at this link. Keep in mind the product is only free for a year, you may have to pay after the time period is up. The full BullGuard Mobile Security 10 suite costs $29.95.

Have you ever had a virus on your smartphone?

RIM to Offer Cloud Computing-Based System for India to Monitor BBM


blackberry in india

It looks like RIM and India have made some headway recently as RIM has agreed to offer monitoring on cloud-based computing instead of setting up a local server and the Ministry of Home Affairs has agreed to this solution. In a letter to the Ministry of Home Affairs, the Vice-President (Government Relations) of RIM, Mr Robert Crow, said, “As per the compliance schedule agreed to by both Research In Motion and the Ministry of Home Affairs, RIM infrastructure is ready to receive and process via the cloud computing-based system lawfully intercepted BlackBerry Messenger data from Indian service providers.”
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virtual office offers a virtual office solution that comes with a long list of phone features including voicemail by email, call forwarding to several phones, call from a private number, call scheduling and more. Many of the features look similar to the sort of features you would get with a PBX system and RIM’s MVS. The Mobile Office solution is now available for BlackBerry users and could be beneficial to contractors or small business owners.
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