BlackBerry Tablet OS SDK Walkthrough Video


RIM’s developer blog posted a video that walks you through deploying an app to the PlayBook simulator, as well as shows how the Tablet OS SDK integrates directly into Adobe Flash Builder 4 and the GUI builder in Flash Builder “Burrito”. It looks like building a PlayBook app is fairly easy, and with a little bit of work, you can make yourself eligible for a free PlayBook.

  • blackberrypin

    Apart from the existence of the simulator of the PLaybook (sorry I am OOT), I have just knew about the BB playbook today, 30 minutes ago, and I cant stop wondering what it feels like in my hand. I kept on seeing how it looks like on, since, I do only have a Curve, hahahaha…and this playbook is AWESOME. By the way, can anyone show how to get this simulation tool ?

    (soooo…is this a plan of BB to be a fierce rival against the apple IPAD?? hahhaha…just joke, no offence :D )