Latest Video of PlayBook Shows Off Facebook Games and More


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Even though the Kaufman Bros. analyst Shaw Wu is claiming that Flash is a resource hog and will lead to poor PlayBook battery life, the latest video from RIM shows some awesome advantages of supporting Flash. The above video takes us through some HTML 5 video, as well as the desktop versions of YouTube, Facebook and Facebook games. All of this rich media browsing is all possible thanks to Flash support, and it’s hard to imagine a PlayBook without it. Hopefully, rumors of Flash sucking up battery life aren’t true, and we’ll have a tablet with decent battery life, and full, rich media browsing capabilities.

More info available at Inside BlackBerry.

  • Rocmon

    sweet :) I Love BlackBerry….

  • Jim

    What is Alesia? It’s an icon with a newspaper. I know the Battle of Alesia. Is this a a message to Apple or just an App I don’t know about?

    Awesome video. Boy, iPad has a real competitor.

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  • mjh

    WOW, I can’t wait this this come out

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