LittleBrother Location Tracking Solution by Emacberry Updated



LittleBrother is a lightweight application by emacberry that lets you inform friends and family about your location. The app is very helpful in letting people know when you’re about to arrive at their home, so you can avoid embarrassing moments. The app has a long list of updates so hit the jump for the full list.

What’s new?

  • For debugging purposes you can specify faster sample rates: 30sec, 10sec and each 5 seconds [this will be removed later - that's why they are at the end of the list]
  • As location definition your can enter any postal address and LittleBrother will retrieve the location information from the web
  • Possibility to activate/deactive a Sector definition - only active sectors will trigger the sending of IN and OUT notifications
  • Quick Enable & Disable SectorDefinitions via the Sector list (use Key shortcut: [A] to toggle between active/inactive)
  • SectorList will display IN/OUT of Sector status
  • Possibility to edit a CellTower location in your local CellTowerDB. When you are connected to one or more Femtocells it is not possible for LittleBrother to provide a correct location - in this case you can correct/enter the location information for these CellTowers (aka Femtocells)
  • This feature could be of course also used if you are not satisfied with the precision of a CellTower location that was provided by LittleBrother
  • Possibility to add complete new CellTowers (incl. the location) to your CellTowerDB

What’s fixed?

  • Fix for inactive sectors on system start
  • Fix for Sectors that based on a CellTowerList that consist of only a single entry

Grab the update for LittleBrother with this quick OTA update link.

  • Tom

    This is a great incremental update to LittleBrother! Another quality BlackBerry app from