Free aSecret App Gives You Shortcuts, Tips and Tricks All in One



We’ve recently been talking with Thumb Arcade because they’ve got some upcoming PlayBook news for CES and we stumbled on their free app aSecret. The app gives you shortcuts, tips and tricks that will save you time and money spent on apps that do the same thing. This free app has the following features:

  • One-click flashlight (similar app costs $2.99!)
  • Reboot - no more battery pulls (similar app costs $2.99!)
  • Reclaim cluttered memory (similar app costs $7.99!)
  • Email signature tricks for the super social
  • Switch between apps
  • Multi-language shortcuts
  • And so many more! (Includes secrets from several top paid apps! Sorry guys.)

We’ve always felt that reboot and memory booster apps were a bit of a scam and it’s great to see developers offering these features for free. aSecret also has great device support and works on all devices with specific features for Storm and Pearl users.

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