Foursquare Updated with Improved Tip Management and Better Battery Life



Foursquare for BlackBerry version 1.9.19 has been released and according to the Foursquare team, we can expect more updates to come this month with some big features added. In this latest release, Foursquare has made the following improvements:

  • Improved tip/todo management
  • Users can now call a business straight from the venue page.
  • Nearby specials screen now lets you jump to that venue.
  • Improved battery life and performance.

It’s great that you can jump directly to the venue with the “Nearby Specials” screen, but Foursquare needs to address the issue of slow small business adoption. If you live in New York, it’s not hard to find a deal nearby, but smaller cities don’t have nearly as much presence. Are you still checking-in wherever you go?

Get the latest version of foursquare for BlackBerry from App World or download directly from

UPDATE: 4SQ just did a hot fix release (version 1.9.11) that resolves the issue where some users get a false “unable to checkin screen”. This build resolves the issue and is available at as well as a force-upload when the user re-enters the app OR within the next 24 hours.