Roundup of PlayBook App Demos at CES 2011


Quake and the Media Player on the PlayBook

Our friends over at BerryReview have a few videos and pics of apps running on the PlayBook. It’s good to see apps like Poynt, Fantasy Football and Documents to Go, as well as some cool games like Tic Tac Toe and Quake. Even though the PlayBook is still in pre-production and isn’t ready for sale, it’s awesome that the device is solid enough to have such a huge presence at CES. Considering the rest of CES seems to be filled with a lot of Bluetooth junk and expensive TVs, it looks like RIM chose a great conference to overtake with PlayBook news. Hit the jump for more examples of PlayBook apps.

UPDATE: Inside BlackBerry also has a great video walkthrough (embedded above) of some upcoming PlayBook apps including:

Kobo eReader
ATP World Tour
Fantasy Football
Docs To Go
Nic Tac Noe

Side Scrolling Shooter

Poynt on the PlayBook

Documents to Go on the PlayBook

Tic Tac Toe Clone

YouTube native app

Fantasy Football App

native picture viewer
Native picture viewer

  • Caspan

    WOW. Are you kidding me this this rocks and is unique from every other tablet out there. The rest are just stand alone devices. This PlayBook has amazing use already!

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