CES 2011: Common Freestyling the About the PlayBook and Torch

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BBCool reader Nana sent us some video of Common and Lara Spencer hanging out at CES 2011. Common freestyles about the PlayBook and the Torch for the crowd and it’s pretty well received. Even though it’s a fun video, you can’t help but think “oh, how the mighty have fallen.” Remember the Resurrection days when Common was arguably at his best? Well it’s tough economic times and RIM probably pays well.

  • http://caspan.com Caspan

    Rap will never catch on….. it’s a fad!

  • Donny

    Really?! It’s a FAD when Common makes more money in movies than LL Cool J (whom has been in RAP 10yrs before Common?!

    Common has evolved, not just his skills, but his writing as well. You best check out his collaborations and he’s respected on the streets and on the big screen probably more than Queen Latifah who has transitioned to a movie star as well.

    Listen to a track called “Misunderstood” and you’ll understand he is a poet - he writes, not freestyles. Trust it Common is NOT a fallen artist, he’s gotten more talented and stronger over the years; he’s weathered.

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