CES 2011: Video Preview of Staks App for the PlayBook by Thumb Arcade

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One of the apps we’re pretty excited about for the PlayBook is the Staks app by Thumb Arcade. We gave a quick preview of the app about a week ago and Nan got some video with the developer. The Staks app for the PlayBook takes control of your information - social, RSS, blogs, BBM and more and shrinks the feeds you want to monitor. From the feed, you can expand the ones you want to read or post to. The app looks like it’s going to be an incredible social tool once it’s launched. Stay tuned for pricing and more details.

Video courtesy of Nan Palmero.

  • Birdman1933

    That’s slick. It’s similar to Flipboard, more social tie-ins. Be interested to know what data feeds and social sites will it support out of the box?


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