Rebtel Launches VoIP App With Free/Cheap International Calls


Rebtel, the #2 mVoIP provider just behind Skype, has launched an app for BlackBerry which makes international calling between users of BlackBerry and Android devices absolutely free. Rebtel for BlackBerry runs in the background and intercepts users from making expensive long distance calls by automatically converting the number to a cheap local number. Features of the app include:

Free international calls: Calls from Rebtel users to BlackBerry or Android devices with the application enabled from any phone are completely free of international charges.
Seamless background integration: When the user dials an international number, or selects an address book contact with an international number, the call is automatically intercepted and routed via Rebtel instead of their carrier.
No Wi-Fi needed: Similar to Rebtel’s Android app, Rebtel for BlackBerry works on the standard cellular network using local phone numbers and users’ monthly local minutes instead of requiring an active Wi-Fi connection to connect calls. The Rebtel app works anytime, anywhere and works with the standard operator, dialer and address book.

Head over to App World and check if Rebtel is available for your device and country.

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    Cool features for BB and Android phones! It surely is great to know that these types of mobile devices now allow VoIP technology – the thing behind cheap international calls. To know it’s for free, it’s truly a great advantage to many of its consumers. The features are free international calls, seamless background integration and no Wi-Fi needed, couldn’t ask for more! Long live VoIP. Give us more reasons to live life more meaningful.

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    Wow - what a great app - will have to try it out. Any idea what the connection is like?

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    i cant find this app
    result not found

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    The Rebtel BlackBerry app runs in the background and connects all your international calls
    through Rebtel. You just call as usual from your regular BlackBerry
    dial pad or address book. You also get access to free calls and cheap
    international SMS, just using your local minutes with your carrier, WiFi
    is not required.
    The Rebtel for Blackberry application is compatible with BlackBerry OS 5.0 or later.